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Black Squirrel Inn - The Official Guest Residence of the Wooster Chamber Music Series

Wooster Chamber Music Series Tickets

Tickets may be purchased for the Chamber Music Series at the Wilson Bookstore (330-263-2421) on the College of Wooster campus, and at The Wooster Book Company (330-262-1688) in downtown Wooster. Tickets are $20 and general admission. Middle and High school, and College of Wooster students are admitted for free. For more information, contact Yvonne Williams at 330-263-2115 or contact@woosterchambermusic.com. Tickets may be picked up at Will Call on the day of the concert. The WCMS is only able to accept cash and check payments.

2012-13 Sponsors

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The Donald & Alice Noble Foundation
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Kenneth E. Shafer
Bill & Carolyn Sheron
Tim & Jenny Smucker
Yvonne C. Williams
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Bruce Bennett & Ron Williams
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